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Children's Ministry during COVID-19

As with all programs at Westminster, children's ministry activities are being affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The information below reflects activities during a typical year, many of which have been cancelled or modified in 2020. Contact Sophie Maness for current information about children's ministry programs for fall 2020 and beyond.

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Children's Ministry Mission Statement:

Acknowledging our call to ministry with children, we work:

  • To nurture children in the faith,
  • To strengthen their ties with the household of God,
  • To share the heritage of the Christian faith and the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A),
  • To involve and support parents in the Christian education of their children,
  • To be living examples of the Christian faith.

Understanding that children, too, are called to ministry, we work to provide opportunities for children:

  • To develop community with one another,
  • To use their talents for ministry to the congregation,
  • To be involved in service and mission to the global community,
  • To share and be joyful about their learnings and their faith.


Special Needs

Children who need special learning or physical support are welcome in our Sunday School classes, in worship, and in all age-appropriate activities. The Director of Christian Education is available to work with parents toward the goal of offering every child opportunities to grow in faith, develop spiritually, and offer service to God. Usually children with special needs are included (occasionally with an aide) in classrooms with other children their age unless it is determined by the parents and Director of Christian Education together that another arrangement would be more beneficial for the child.


In the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) children are welcome at the Lord's Supper table. Our Book of Order says, "Baptized children who are being nurtured and instructed in the significance of the invitation to the Table and the meaning of their response are invited to receive the Lord's Supper, recognizing that their understanding of participation will vary according to their maturity."  W-2.4011b

Teaching, Leading and Honoring Our Baptismal Vows

The Children's Committee is in the middle of lots of recruiting. It is no small task to nurture the faith in another person. I firmly believe we are loved into the faith, not lectured into the faith.Our faith development is tied up in relationships.

Those relationships are with each other and with our God. You do not need to be a Bible expert in order to share your own faith. You do need to have a love for children and a love for God. We will provide support in the way of teaching teams, good curriculum and great kids! We also have teacher training and a wonderful CE committee to lend a hand.

We welcome and appreciate teachers and leaders who no longer have young children.

There are show up jobs like shepherding and jobs that are teaching in the classroom. These "jobs are an opportunity to be a disciple as we raise disciples. We are looking for folks to help with both pre-school and elementary children.

If you would be willing to share your time, energy, imagination and love with Westminster's children next year, please call me to talk about where we have needs. I can be reached at 292-5526 in the church office or by email at



A safe, nurturing environment is a primary concern for the church and for parents and families. We address security by having trained and paid staff, and by having a sign-in system.

For the security of all our children, please do not stand in the doorway of the classroom with the door held open. Please make direct contact with a member of the nursery staff upon arrival and departure with your child.

For more information please see our Nursery Parent handbook.

Contact Claire Jenkins for childcare needs.

Nursery Safety letter to parents: click here.

WPC Children's Church School Registration Card: click here to complete.

Special Programs

The Well

During the summer we are making some big changes. Instead of VBS and Mission Camp as we have known it, we will be offering a very different kind of opportunity. We will have dinner each night and explore scripture through conversation, play, art service and much more!

In scripture the well is where the whole community comes to get life sustaining water, living water. This summer we hope our whole church family will join us at "The Well" at Westminster. It is for all ages!

Outdoor Challenge

COST: $485
It is for all children who have completed fourth and fifth grades. It is a high adventure camp. We will be joining two other churches with kids the same age at Camp Lookout, where Don Washburn is the director. We will be rappelling, caving, mountain biking, paddling, camping and more. It is a challenge by choice adventure. We encourage kids to stretch themselves, but know well that will look different for each child. We will have devotions and recreation every day. It is an amazing trip!! Roger (Maness) and I will be some of the adults on this trip. It is limited to 12 kids. Contact Sophie Maness with any questions.

Children's Communion

In the PC (U.S.A.) children are welcome at the Lord's Table! In order that children might have a richer understanding of Communion, Westminster offers a special class called "Instructed Communion to 1st graders and their families. This is usually a two-hour self-directed learning center event on a Sunday afternoon followed by a shared meal. To learn more about this event and its next scheduled date email



One Great Hour of Sharing

This is a denominational offering used to combat hunger, provide opportunities for the self-development of people in need, minister to refugees, establish clean water systems, and fund other caring ministries. During Lent, children are given fish-shaped bank in which to collect a daily offering, remembering those whom their gifts will serve in prayer. The banks are presented in worship on Easter Sunday.


This is a presbytery-wide project to encourage both giving to help relieve hunger and the daily discipline of praying for the hungry. Labels are available for children to decorate a jar or container on the family table in which this daily offering will be made. These gifts are presented every 5th Sunday as part of our congregation-wide hunger offering.


The giving of time and talent is important for all Christian people, and Westminster is intentional about offering a variety of ways for children to serve God through church activities.

Church School Projects

During each school year there are three special projects in which children and their families are educated about a particular need and are given a specific opportunity to respond. Examples of prior projects have been boxes for hurricane Katrina victims; books for Cockrill Elementary School, our Metro Pencil-Partner school; cards and pictures for a hospital in Iraq; Church World Service health kits. Notices will be mailed to families to describe each project throughout the year.

Room In The Inn

is one way Westminster serves Nashville's homeless population. Members and friends, often groups of families with young children, volunteer to prepare and serve dinner to our guests, lead a blessing, and eat the meal with our guests. This has been a positive and deeply meaningful experience for many children in our congregation.

Communion Preparation

Volunteers prepare the elements for Communion on the Saturday before the sacrament will be celebrated. Some have planned the preparation as a family service project for the church. Kindergarten and older children can be very helpful in making everything ready for the Lord's Supper.

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