Serve Others

Serve Others


With the help of the Holy Spirit, the Westminster Presbyterian Church Hands On Mission Committee's seeks ways for members to identify and fulfill calls to service.

Members of the church are invited to join the committee in our mission and in helping the least of these as Jesus did. The organizations we support are listed by impact area. Please find the impact area of interest to you and then choose an organization where you can serve others. 

Contact Donovan Drake or Hands On Mission committee chairs Terry Allen or Ralph Wheeler for current information.



Impact/Interest Areas

Children & Youth
Children's Projects | Cockrill Elementary School | Habitat for Humanity | Joy in Learning | Martha O'Bryan Center | Monroe Harding | Nations Ministry Center/Refugee Assimilation | Oasis Center | Preston Taylor Ministries | Strick's Gift

Disaster Relief/Mission Work
Disaster Relief Mission Trips/Presbyterian Disaster Assistance | International Missionaries | Living Waters for the World | Red Cross | Westminster Home Connection

Habitat for Humanity | Martha O'Bryan CenterMonroe Harding | Nations Ministry Center/Refugee Assimilation

Health & Wellness
Living Waters for the World | Project C.U.R.E.

Habitat for Humanity | Martha O'Bryan Center | Rooftop | Room In The Inn
Second Harvest Food Bank

Habitat for Humanity | Martha O'Bryan Center | Westminster Home Connection

Women's Services
Better Decisions

Impact Areas at Westminster Presbyterian Church
Alternative Christmas Market | Children's Projects | Disaster Relief Mission Trips/Presbyterian Disaster Assistance | Environmental Stewardship | Habitat for Humanity | Room In The Inn | Special Offerings | Westminster Home Connection


Organizations Supported

Better Decisions
Committee Contact: Fran Linley
Organization contact: Rachel Kinney

Impact/Interest area(s): Women's Services
Better Decisions is a volunteer-driven program which teaches decision-making and problem-solving skills to women incarcerated in Nashville. Over 1,400 inmates have successfully completed the 8-week program, which includes weekly classes using a nationally-recognized curriculum and weekly mentoring sessions where each inmate student practices skill building with a trained volunteer partner. The annual training weekend for new volunteers is held in mid-September. Once trained, the volunteer mentor meets with her inmate partner one hour per week in the afternoon or evening.

Cockrill Elementary School (Westminster's PENCIL Partner)
Committee contact: Jennifer Anderson
Organization contact: Loretta Green

Impact/Interest area(s): Children & Youth
Cockrill Elementary School, our PENCIL Foundation partner, serves more than 550 students in grades PK-5. Westminster provides volunteers as tutors and office assistants, as well as in-kind donations like school uniforms, school supplies and books.

Critical Home Repairs/Westminster Home Connection
Committee contact: Fran Linley
Organization contact: Keith Branson

Westminster Home Connection is a non-profit organization that  works to bring resources together to create safe and sustainable homes for our neighbors throughout Middle Tennessee.

Habitat for Humanity
Committee contact: 

Impact/Interest area(s): Children & Youth, Families, Homelessness/Hunger, Seniors, at Westminster Presbyterian Church
Nashville Area Habitat for Humanity is an ecumenical Christian ministry that provides the life-changing opportunity for people to purchase and own quality, affordable homes. Westminster proudly building its 22nd Habitat House in October 2015. Volunteer opportunities include construction and providing food.

Living Waters for the World Ministry at Westminster Presbyterian Church 
Committee contacts: Terry Allen & Beth Weaver

Our Mission: To partner with families, communities, and institutions in Appalachia and Peru to provide simple, affordable, and sustainable water purification systems and to provide health, hygiene, and spiritual education.
Populations served: Communities in Peru and in Appalachia (individual families) whose only available water is contaminated.

Our work:
· Sending volunteers from WPC to be trained in water system installation, operation and maintenance; health and hygiene instruction; and partnership development.

· Developing partnerships with communities where clean water is needed

· Equipping our partners with the materials and knowledge to build and operate a clean water system and to teach  health education in their communities so that this effort is sustainable

· Supporting our partners through assistance in building the clean water systems and through follow-up visits and consultations. The covenant with our partners will be for three years and normally will entail four trips to the site.

· Serving local (Appalachia) as well as international sites

To learn more, you may contact Terry Allen 

Martha O'Bryan Center
Committee contact: Beth Weaver & David Linley
Organization contact: Marsha Edwards

Impact/Interest area(s): Children & Youth, Families, Homelessness/Hunger, Seniors
The Martha O'Bryan Center is a Christian family resource center that supports, shepherds and empowers individuals and families in need living in Cayce Place, Nashville's oldest, largest and poorest public housing development. Volunteers are needed for the following programs and services: Meals on Wheels; tutoring for grades K-12; food drives; special occasion events such as Valentine's Day parties, birthdays and baby showers; the Christmas Toy Store; professional guidance for "Tied Together parenting program; and support for East End Prep, the new area charter school.

Monroe Harding
Committee contact: Tom Wilson
Organization contact:

Impact/Interest area(s): Children & Youth, Families
Monroe Harding partners with at-risk youth and their families to provide a bridge toward independence and success. These are two main types of programs “ residential and non-residential. The residential programs provide a home for these at-risk youth. The non-residential programs include Project S.H.A.R.E., which matches at-risk elementary students with adult mentors, and Youth Connections, which fills the gap in services for those youth leaving state custody with no support system. Volunteers are needed to serve as mentors and tutors to residents, yard workers, handymen/women, and event committee members and office assistants. 

Nations Ministry Center/Refugee Assimilation
Committee contact: Mike Koban & Kelly Christie
Organization contact: Chris Lovingood

Impact/Interest area(s): Children & Youth, Families, Nations Ministry Center, a validated mission of the Presbytery of Middle Tennessee, assists Nashville's refugee community by providing services and programs to help these newcomers on their journeys to self-sufficiency. The Nations Ministry Center services refugees by promoting access to educational opportunities by providing after-school tutoring for youth and English classes for adults, by engaging refugee preschoolers in creative learning, and by providing essential social services to individual families. Volunteer opportunities are offered in these areas.

Oasis Center
Committee contact:
Organization contact: Carlee Smith

Impact/Interest area(s): Children & Youth
Oasis Center is one of the nation's leading youth-serving organizations, offering safety and support to Nashville's most vulnerable and disconnected youth, while seeking to also teach young people how to transform the conditions that create problems for them in the first place. Oasis Center has more than 300 active volunteers. Some cook meals, mentor, and help with administrative tasks in the organization's Shelter, Lofts Transitional Living Program, or main office. Others hand out survival packs to homeless youth, teach workshops, or help with school work. Volunteers also go out and educate the community about Oasis Center and National Safe Place. 

Over 1,000,000 Youth (13-24) are homeless at one time or another each year in the United States of America. The Oasis Center is addressing this situation through their Street Outreach Program. They have asked WPC to help them Out-Fit their Youth Backpack program. Please click here for the description of the Transitional Living Services
Thank you for your interest in our program.

Preston Taylor Ministries
Committee contact: Janet Kuhn
Organization contact: Chan Sheppard

Impact/Interest area(s): Children & Youth
Preston Taylor Ministries is an after-school and mentoring program serving children and youth living in the Preston Taylor community of West Nashville. Currently, volunteers provide after-school tutoring, which includes homework assistance; spring break job shadowing; Bible study groups before school; as well as morning Bible studies and reading groups in the summer.

Project C.U.R.E.
Committee contact:
Organization contact: Greg Cox

Impact/Interest area(s): Health & Wellness
Project C.U.R.E. is a benevolent health care foundation that collects, categorizes, and distributes medical supplies to health care professionals and facilities around the world. Donations are collected from hospitals and other health care providers, then prepared and shipped internationally to people in need. Volunteers sort, package and inventory medical supplies for shipment to the developing world. 

Red Cross
Committee contact: Amanda Gaines

Impact/Interest area(s): Disaster Relief/Mission Work
The American Red Cross, Middle Tennessee Chapter provides relief to victims of disaster and help people prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies. The church aids in these efforts by sponsoring a blood drive at least once a year.

Organization contact: Lisa Wooley

Impact/Interest area(s): Homelessness/Hunger
Rooftop is a partnership of more than 30 faith-based congregations in Metropolitan Nashville providing rental assistance to individuals and families. The assistance is provided to those in need of emergency financial help in order to maintain stability in their housing and to prevent homelessness. Volunteer opportunities with Rooftop are administrative or event planning in nature.

Room In The Inn
Committee contact: Chad Folk
Organization contact: Jon Mowry

Impact/Interest area(s): Hunger/Homelessness, at Westminster Presbyterian Church
Room In The Inn offers an array of services for people who call the streets of Nashville home. Each winter (November through March), Room In The Inn partners with more than 150 congregations to provide emergency shelter in houses or worship throughout Middle Tennessee. Westminster is one of these partners, and volunteers provide meals for participants and stay overnight.

Quarterly, Westminster provides food for and serves lunch to more than 200 homeless people. 
Quarterly WPC Food Coordinator: Stephanie Hardcastle
Organization contact: Melanie Barnett

Second Harvest Food Bank
Committee contact: Virginia Reynolds
Organization contacts: Karen Benson & Meghan Markie

Impact/Interest area(s): Homelessness/Hunger
Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee is one of the largest and most comprehensive of more than 200 food banks and food distribution centers nationwide. Second Harvest has many volunteer opportunities, including sorting and boxing food donations and BackPacks. On Thursday nights, families (with children as young as 6 years old with parent/guardian) are invited to participate in Family Volunteer Night.

Strick's Gift
Committee contact: Fran Linley
Organization contact: Lena Levendoski

Interest/Impact area(s): Children & Youth
Strick's Gift is dedicated to helping newborns in need. While many children are born to families who have the means to provide plenty in terms of clothing and blankets, many other families are unable to afford these necessary items. Strick's Gift bridges this need.

Westminster Home Connection
Committee contact: Terry Rappuhn
Organization contact: Keith Branson, Director

Interest/Impact area(s): Disaster Relief & Seniors
Westminster Home Connection was incorporated on February 1, 2013 for the purpose of making critical home repairs, modifying homes of people who are at risk for falls or have limited mobility and providing maintenance for those who cannot maintain their homes. Our goal is to support individuals who wish to continue living in their safe and functional homes.

Other Committee Initiatives

Alternative Christmas Market
Contact: Stephanie Hardcastle
Interest/Impact area(s):  Westminster Presbyterian Church
An event to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas by offering an opportunity to give to those less fortunate while also giving to loved ones. 

Children's Projects
Contact: Amy Shurden
Interest/Impact area(s): Children and Youth,  at Westminster Presbyterian Church
The children of the church conduct two service projects each year “ one in the fall and one in the spring.

Environmental Stewardship
Committee contact: Lane Harvey
Interest/Impact area(s):  Westminster Presbyterian Church
Helping us to become more aware and responsible for our environment. 

Special Offerings
Interest/Impact area(s):  Westminster Presbyterian Church
Four opportunities “ One Great Hour of Sharing, Pentecost, Peace & Global Witness and Christmas Joy Gift.








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