Our Session

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The Session of Westminster Church consists of the pastor and elected elders. The Session is responsible for our mission and government.

Class of 2017
Drake Calton
Susan West Carey
George Crawford III
Wilford Fuqua
Eleanor Glover
Kate Griffin
Leslie Grote
Carolyn Griffin Hall
Doug Leins
Gary Shockley
Brock Sturdivant
Dennis R. Williams

Class of 2018
Blake Brookshire
Kelly Christie
Lisa Cole
Amy Dennison
Ward DeWitt III
Cherrie Farnette
Hugh Harvey
Ann Humbracht
Elaney Johnson
Patrick Warfield
Richard Warren
Tom Wilson

Class of 2019
Ellen Anderson
Layne Bryant
Carol Callaway-Lane
Fred Lowrance
Pam Koban
Colleen McCanless
Scott Portis
Bob Sewell
Chris Shurden
Nick Sieveking
Phil Stuart
Rosemary Verrall

Worship 8:30 AM
Sunday School 9:45 AM
Worship 11:00 AM